Guys Faster!

There are only 2 days left for the FIRST BLOG COMPETITION so please let me know that you want to participate by commenting here.


Looks like a GOOD idea

that's right... It looks like a good idea. Have you ever saw a first post at a blog with 5 comments in less then 3 hours? Probably not. This is because my idea is WORKING! So you should reserve a spot in the ring for your site before too many users do!!! Not to mention the backlink you will get but your site is going to generate buzz and free traffic. And the best thing is that readers are going to be FUN. I am giving you three days to reserve a FREE competition spot by commenting at this post or posting on your blog about this blog. If you post about my blog at yours please let me know by sending me an email at The first competition starts three days later so I suggest you to hurry up and comment here!


The Blog Competition Blog

Yeah... I know. This is my first post. Do you know why is the title called Blog Competition Blog? Because here are going to be the best fights between the best blogs! Every week there is going to be a blog competition between two blogs I choose! This means that if you are a blogger you may see your blog rolling with another one few weeks later :P I may offer Mr.Chow a second chance to revenge his lost by Mr.Schoe... or add him in a competition with Mr.Cow. ALL to ALL this blog is going to be FUN! So don't forget to go back at and see the latest FIGHTS. If you want to see your blog (if I don't pick it) post a comment and tell me with what blogs do you want to *****! Also if you want a link exchange --- Post a comment.